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Specialising in Financial management, Change optimization, Data analytics, Business plans, User design, Excel advancements, System changes and Outsourcing.

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With over 18 years in consulting, we at Valued First pride ourselves in helping businesses through change, from start-up, to growth, increasing revenues, reducing costs and implement efficiencies in significant and innovative ways. We achieve great results by really listening to our customers, working with them to embed change to suit them.

We are a small team and are able to provide you a bespoke solution to achieve your goals.

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We lead on reducing your costs and increasing your revenue through identifying and implementing new methods suited to your business, through analysing your processes, systems, people and market.

This is achieved through some form of change, where we have delivered huge savings through the use of repurposing assets, improving processes, establishing efficiencies and implementing automated ways of working, bringing improvements to your day-to-day operations. We improve accuracy, reduce error and waste, whether that's through peoples time or on the end product.

"You don't know, what you don't know"


At Valued First we help manage and maximise your finances like it's our own.

From analysing your savings, revenue, costs and profits, to assessing your cash flows, we are in a position to ensure not only you survive and thrive as a business, but to also put your money to work and utilize the Financial products available in the market.

Our skill is to identify trends, weaknesses and strengths to utilize your finances in the best possible way.

Whether you wish to grow your savings, increase your cash flow, reduce your working capital or take advantage of financial products, we are here to lead you through your numbers.

"There are infinite numbers between 0 and 1"


We all need to change, adapt and adopt to new technology, laws, regulations and utilise new skills to survive and thrive within our industries.

Here at Valued First we have the skills to establish change within your business in a controlled and risk averse manner, to ensure there is no negative impact within your operations, and successfully implement change.

We have successfully implemented numerous system, people and process change. From outsourcing people and processes, to utilizing Robotics, reducing headcount, repurposing staff members and implementing new software, we've delivered significant changes across many companies and industries resulting in multi million pound savings.

"If you don't like something, change it"


Planning for sustainability and growth for any business is important.

From business plans, business cases to any other form of support, we at Valued First will work with you to achieve your goals and ambitions,

We can help you remain competitive within your industry, and expand into new territory.

"If you fail to plan, you plan to fail"


Some of the value we have delivered to our clients...


We have successfully saved one of our clients £2m after significant analyses of their data, processes, assets, financial accounts and systems. Getting to know our client and their operations helped us to look at their assets in a different light, and re-purpose assets in a meaningful way, reducing purchasing costs significantly. We love data and know how to extrapulate it to save money, reduce potential fines and fast track projects for our clients

Utility company



Our client required an independant party to analyse their business model and operations to identify opportunities for cost savings, reducing possible fines, increasing accuracy and increasing their revenue. Valued First had completed a deep analyses across a team of 50, analysing people, processes and systems, challenging ways of working, interrogating systems to discover and present 6 business cases to achieve cost savings of £1.8m over a 2 year period. This was a bespoke strategy for our client to implement

Utility company



Helping and guiding our mentee to dramatically increase their salary and investment income by managing their finances through analysing their expenses and 'Balance sheet'. Understanding their lifestyle and changing their mindset towards money and time was our strategy to help this individual. Embedding a monthly, quartely and yearly plan, enhancing their skillset and CV, to then develop a method to undertake to achieve their goals

Individual Professional



Utilizing our experience and contacts, we have achieved funding through grants from governments, universities and wealth managers, having raised funds for our clients, ranging from £10k on smaller projects, up to £200k on larger commercial deals

Software company



Our client required assistance in implementing a large change project, to ultimately reduce costs to allow competitive prices to their customers. This was achieved by outsourcing processes, using cloud solutions to embed a virtual team to undertake complex Engineering and Finance processes. Management of repurposing staff members and redundancies were also managed by Valued First. Streamlining processes and reducing reporting time by 80% was achieved by utilising technology, Excel and people. This project has been delivered successfully through the COVID period

Utility company



Supporting a large system upgrade for our client to ensure they utilize new innovative technology. Working with multiple teams across the globe to understand the existing systems, discover new opportunities and design, test and help build and implement a bespoke software solution

Financial Services company


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